Change in management


Dear members of the alumni association,

Dipl.-Ing.in Gudrun Schindler has built up BOKU Alumni and developed it very successfully over the past years. For this, Dipl.-Ing.in Schindler deserves recognition and thanks!

In June the cooperation with Dipl.-Ing.in Gudrun Schindler was terminated.

The board of the alumni association approached me with the question whether I would like to take over the management of the association until further notice. By decision of the board I was unanimously appointed as the new managing director of the Alumni Association of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna.

I will also be responsible for the management of the Alumni-association/Career Center. In addition to managing the business of the association - here I can rely on the proven and highly motivated team in the office - it will also be necessary to reconsider whether the historically grown structures still fit or need to be restructured. The key issue will be to achieve a clear separation of costs and responsibilities. This should not be recognizable for you as alumni of our BOKU in large parts. The usual services will continue to be offered. We remain your alma mater viridis and are proud that so many of you maintain your connection to us.


Finally, some information about myself. I studied forestry at BOKU in the 1970s and, after a short employment with HP-Austria, worked as an assistant at the Institute of Forestry Technology. In the early 2000s, I was assigned to the Directorate General for Research at the European Commission as a National Expert for 4 years. Until my retirement in autumn 2021, I served on many BOKU committees - from study commissions to the budget commission.

I am married, have five children who are now of age, and live in the Vienna area.



Here's to good cooperation!

  Ewald Pertlik

  Managing Director of the Alumni Association

  of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna

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