Italy, Novara

Name: Federico Ricci

Position: Just graduated, is looking for a job


“Biodiversity conservation, through sustainable forest management – that’s not a defined profession. But the knowledge of many aspects of forest environment is required, from the effects of climate change on trees to the connections between plants and other organisms, such as birds or insects. Apart from understanding such dynamics, it would be important to reach out to people.


I think the biggest threat to ecosystems is the difficulty that people have in understanding the effects of their actions on a larger scale, so my task would also be to show how small changes may drive towards a better future, without changing anyone’s priorities or lifestyles.


Italy is a nation to be proud of for several aspects, but political and economic uncertainties in the recent past have led to actions that greatly affected the “green” national sector. The importance of a healthy environment was underestimated and is endangering many Italian habitats. Living in Austria has showed me how the relationship with forests could work.


During my time at BOKU I managed to find my true professional interests and obtained something from everyone I met, and this has been by far the biggest achievement. My first two credits were assigned thanks to Field Camp I, an excursion of 5 days in the forests of Austria, an amazing journey. I was quite introvert and shy but my professor, Thomas Kirisits, managed to motivate me to embrace this challenge with high spirits.




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