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The Alumni Association of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences with support from the Austrian Forestry Alumni Association has created a mentoring program for all fields of study. The goal of this mentoring program is to provide a networking opportunity between students and graduates with work experience. Core competencies are to be discovered and fostered through this program.  


What is mentoring?

Mentoring refers to an experienced person (mentor) sharing her/his knowledge and skills with a less experienced person (mentee) in order to foster personal and professional development in the mentee.

It is about explaining the informal and implicit rules of an organisation and/or profession, to introduce the mentee into existing networks and to provide practical tips as to how to achieve one’s professional goals.


How does the BOKU Alumni Mentoring Program work?

Pairs are formed from a pool of mentees and mentors with shared fields of interests or professional profiles while taking into account the context of the mentoring pairs. The mentoring process lasts 9 months and should consist of three to five meetings during this time period.


How can I participate in the Mentoring Project?

The second round of this project will start in June 2018. Those interested in participating can sign up by the 30th of April 2018 through the project manager Kerstin Fuhrmann via email: alumni@boku.ac.at or phone: 01/47654-10440.


To become a mentor: Short description of your present position and academic field of study, and if available a curriculum vitae sent to: alumni@boku.ac.at


To become a mentee: Send your curriculum vitae and complete the application form to: alumni@boku.ac.at


Bernhard Sickenberg


Phone: 01/47654-10443


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