Two weeks of personal growth

Soft Skills Week


In March 2017 alumni presented a variety of lectures on the topics of communication and self-management, including time management, rhetoric, negotiation, presentation and moderation.


What are soft skills and why are they so crucial to your career?


Whoever wants to succeed in one’s career needs soft skills. Why? It is often not the ones with the most expertise who have brilliant careers. Know-how is important, but today this is by far not enough. That is the reason why more and more companies are seeking soft skills, social competency and key skills.


The aim is to have the interpersonal work and contact with customers as professional and competent as possible. Thus, in addition to know-how, a number of personal qualities are needed, such as a positive attitude, ability and proficiency. This is especially important with regards to communication and motivation.  


Students and graduates attended these seminars from a variety of fields. Many from civil engineering and water management, food science and biotechnology and environment and bio-resources management.

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